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The 6 C’s to Tick-Proof Your Yard

Mosquito Squad of Northwest, WI recommends the following steps for tick-proof yards:

1. Clear out.

Reduce your tick exposure by clearing out areas where lawn and tree debris gathers. Ticks thrive in moist, shady areas and tend to die in sunny, dry areas. Locate compost piles away from play areas or high traffic. Separate them with wood chips or gravel. Don’t position playground equipment, decks and patios near treed areas.

2. Clean.

Eliminate leaf litter and brush by cleaning it up around the house and lawn edges, mow tall grasses and keep your lawn short.

3. Choose plants.

Select plants and shrubs that are not attractive to deer and/or install physical barriers to keep deer out of your yard. Check with your local nursery to determine the best choices for your area.

4. Check hiding places.

Know tick hiding places and check them frequently. Fences, brick walls and patio retaining walls are popular hiding places.

5. Care for family pets.

Family pets can suffer from tick-borne disease and also carry infected ticks into the home. Talk to your veterinarian about using tick collars and sprays. As with all pest control products, be sure to follow directions carefully.

6. Call the pros.

Professionals utilize both barrier sprays that can kill “adult” ticks on the spot as well as “tick tubes.” Strategically placed, “tick tubes” prompt field mice to incorporate tick-killing material in their bedding, effectively eliminating hundreds of tick nymphs found in each mouse nest.

Northwest WI Lyme Disease Prevention

The best way to prevent Lyme Disease is to prevent contact with ticks. Our barrier spray eliminates ticks from your yard or the event area we protect. We spray your yard with our proven barrier spray which eliminates ticks and mosquitoes on contact and continues to protect your yard like a protective barrier for the next couple weeks. Our product has a time release formula that enables your protection to work over the span of a couple weeks.

Our goal is to protect you, your family, your pets, and your guests over the entire summer season when ticks are out in full force. That’s why our program is season long. We come spray your yard every 2-3 weeks depending on your program so there is no lapse in protection.

Tick Tubes

A great supplement to your yard tick control program is the implementation of a tick tube program. Tick tubes are tubes containing treated cotton. Mice take the cotton to their nests where it eliminates the young ticks before they become adults. Tick tubes round out our full life-cycle tick protection program.

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