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Protect Your Family With Intensive Tick Treatment

Mosquito Squad doesn’t just fight mosquitos. We are dedicated to protecting your family from a variety of pests, including ticks.

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Many types of these pests are found throughout Wisconsin. The most common varieties are dog (or wood) and black-legged (or deer) ticks. The deer tick in particular has been found in every county in the state. These creatures exist anywhere there are deer, mice, and woods.

There are many pathogens carried by ticks that are known to cause disease in humans. Some of these include Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and Powassan virus. Each of these infections can cause serious effects, especially in younger populations and among the elderly.

It is important to take precautions to avoid contact with ticks and the diseases they carry. Intensive treatments can reduce their prevalence and prevent related infections by eradicating the source.

The treatments provided by Mosquito Squad include the use of barrier spray and tick tubes. Both are effective measures to eliminate the pests.

Barrier Spray

Our popular traditional mosquito control spray is also used to control ticks. There are many advantages to using the barrier spray method.

  • Mature ticks are killed on contact by spray treatment.
  • Barrier spray remains active for 21 days, preventing further outbreak.
  • You do not need to stay home to facilitate our team. We will let you know we’ve been there.
  • Our spray treatment is highly dependable and professionally applied. You can be sure it will provide the protection you need.

    Tick Tubes

    Tick tubes are biodegradable tubes filled with cotton that is treated with a controlling insecticide. This treatment is effective because most ticks enter your environment on mice. When mice collect the treated cotton for bedding, any ticks they are harboring are eliminated.

    The combination treatment using barrier spray and tick tubes can effectively control the threat presented to your family and pets by these pests in Wisconsin. Contact Mosquito Squad to arrange for your intensive tick treatment today. Call us today and we can help you keep your family safe this season.

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