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Effective All-Natural Mosquito Treatments

When summertime comes, the nuisance of mosquitos comes with it. These pesky bugs can dampen your enjoyment of your time outdoors, but Mosquito Squad can help repel or eliminate the bugs before they can bother you. In addition to our traditional barrier protection, we offer organic treatments for those who want an all-natural option.

How All-Natural Treatment Works

Kids enjoying mosquito free yard

Our traditional barrier system works by eliminating bugs after they ingest it, but the organic system is a bit different. With Mosquito Squad, there’s no reason to put up with insects all season just because you favor a more natural lifestyle.

  • Made of essential oils, the fragrance of this treatment repels mosquitoes naturally.
  • The aroma is a light, herbal scent that will be objectionable to the bugs but not very noticeable to humans.
  • It will decrease the number of mosquitos in your yard by 70 to 75 percent as opposed to 85 to 90 percent reduction with traditional treatment.
  • It’s applied every 14 days to help repel bugs.
  • Why Mosquito Treatment Matters

    Mosquito bites are annoying, but the reasons to protect your yard from these bugs are much bigger than that. Mosquitos are known to carry and sometimes transmit many diseases, including malaria, the West Nile virus, and the Zika Virus. Eliminating or repelling these bugs from your outdoor spaces lessens your chances of exposure to these diseases. Not only does this help protect your family, but it also helps protects your pets as well.

    How Else We Can Help

    The services Mosquito Squad offers don’t end with shielding your backyard all season. We also provide special event services for things like pool parties and outdoor weddings. Our event package is a two treatment package that begins a 2-3 weeks before the event and then 24-48 hrs before the event day. Technicians will spray the area with natural or traditional protection to repel pests and keep guests happy.

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